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HBFC Meeting to Discuss: The Book of Strangers

  • Kennedy Room 2512 Maple Ave. Dallas, TX USA (map)

The Quest continues March 9th when The Helping Friendly Book Club meets to discuss “The Book of Strangers” by Ian Dallas. This short little book packs a powerful punch and reminds me of “The Alchemist” and also “Hero With a 1000 Faces.” Bringing in yet another perspective on the road to peace and SEJNES, “The Book of Strangers” will have your pinecone doing a jitterbug in no time. This book was recommended to us from a very reliable source and has turned out to be in total cosmic alignment with where we are on the path right now. If you haven’t read the book yet, but have been considering joining the HFBC for a while now, I strongly recommend this book be the book you take the leap and join us on. It has a great heart, it’s short, it’s interesting, and it will expand you. 

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"Sometime in the future the head librarian at a great center of learning suddenly disappears, leaving behind a journal that describes his weariness with a world "where people teach but know nothing, where the sentences flow on endlessly but lead nowhere." His successor in the post becomes more and more intrigued by the vanished man's fate, until a series of mysterious clues lead him on a journey both inward and outward, to a world that begins where language ends. Within a matter of weeks he finds himself in the company of powerful dervishes, God-intoxicated nomads whose eyes blaze with love, and ragged beggars with the smile of the Pure One. These men, the followers of an enlightened Shaykh, speak little, but simply to be in their company fills him with ecstasy and knowledge. 

Alan Watts said of Ian Dallas that, "He has--as is very rare with mystical writers--given a vision of God that, instead of summoning with duty, allures with delight." 

The book is a somewhat difficult to locate locally so I encourage you to go ahead and order yourself a copy ASAP-


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