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Breakfast at the Victory: The Mysticism of Ordinary Experience


Join us Wednesday June 29th to discuss “Breakfast at the Victory: The Mysticism of Ordinary Experience” by James Carse.

“This thought-provoking book turns ordinary experiences on their heads, almost forcing readers to find the mystical in their own subjective engagement of daily events. Carse ( Finite and Infinite Games ), who is director of Religious Studies and professor of the history of literature at NYU, interprets his own life with the help of the Sufi poets, Aristotle, Descartes and Freud. Drawing parables from daily experience (a golf match, a Halloween party, a mouse eating a grain), Carse gently prods us to see beyond the obvious in the world and in our lives. In so doing, he brings the profound within the grasp of everyone. The engaging and insightful stories reconsidered here also explain why Carse has gained an almost cult-like following on his own campus as well as beyond it.”

I was unable to find a .PDF of this book online so I recommend you order from Amazon or download to your kindle ASAP! A few Questers have already finished the book and reported back that they loved it.

Order or download on Amazon and Kindle here:

I know a lot of us travel during the summer which makes it harder to find times when we can all get together. Then again, summer and travel are great times to be reading. If you can’t make book club please join us for one of our monthly Red Red Rose Society Open Mic gatherings. Bring a copy of your favorite poem to share and get up on the soapbox for some convivial sociability. The Red Red Rose Society will gather next on Tuesday June 14th at The Bottle Shop on Lower Greenville at 8:30PM.

RSVP for The Red Red Rose Society HERE:

Wishing everyone a very MYSTICAL start to your summer! See you the 14th and the 29th if not sooner!

Yours in the foam,


1: the experience of mystical union or direct communion with ultimate reality reported by mystics

2: the belief that direct knowledge of God, spiritual truth, or ultimate reality can be attained through subjective experience (as intuition or insight)