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Extraordinary Knowing - HFBC 30

  • The Wild Detectives 314 West Eighth Street Dallas, TX, 75208 United States (map)

Do you know what your "unconscious associative networks" are?
Have you ever had an experience with "anomalous cognition"?
Do you know what a Ganzfeld experiment is?
Are you a skeptic? Are you a pragmatist? Are you curious?
Are you familiar with your pinecone?


Join us for a lively discussion and more about all these topics and others when the Helping Friendly Book Club returns on 3.12.19 to discuss our 30th book on the Quest for the Secrets to Eternal Joy and Never Ending Splendor - "Extraordinary Knowing: Science, Skepticism, and the Inexplicable Powers of the Human Mind" by Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer, Ph.D.


Helping Friendly Book Club has been going through a bit of a growth spurt lately, so be sure to stay tuned to this event page in the coming weeks as we roll out more of the exciting projects we're working on to help us keep with the pace. If you haven't had a chance to read the book yet there's a link to Amazon at the bottom so you can order yourself a copy today real easy like. You won't regret starting 2019 off on the most mind-blowing foot imaginable (and then some).

"Come for the convivial sociability, stay for the brain honey."

The Helping Friendly Book Club


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About the Book

“In 1991, when her daughter’s rare, hand-carved harp was stolen, Lisby Mayer’s familiar world of science and rational thinking turned upside down. After the police failed to turn up any leads, a friend suggested she call a dowser—a man who specialized in finding lost objects. With nothing to lose—and almost as a joke—Dr. Mayer agreed. Within two days, and without leaving his Arkansas home, the dowser located the exact California street coordinates where the harp was found.

Deeply shaken, yet driven to understand what had happened, Mayer began the fourteen-year journey of discovery that she recounts in this mind-opening, brilliantly readable book. Her first surprise: the dozens of colleagues who’d been keeping similar experiences secret for years, fearful of being labeled credulous or crazy.

Extraordinary Knowing is an attempt to break through the silence imposed by fear and to explore what science has to say about these and countless other “inexplicable” phenomena. From Sigmund Freud’s writings on telepathy to secret CIA experiments on remote viewing, from leading-edge neuroscience to the strange world of quantum physics, Dr. Mayer reveals a wealth of credible and fascinating research into the realm where the mind seems to trump the laws of nature.

She does not ask us to believe. Rather she brings us a book of profound intrigue and optimism, with far-reaching implications not just for scientific inquiry but also for the ways we go about living in the world.”